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Charles Joseph Meyer (1867-1914) "52 Ancestors"

Hey again! This is post number 2 of the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge. See, I can be consistent.

This post is on my great grandfather Charles Joseph Meyer. Charles went by his middle name Joseph because his father was also Charles Joseph Meyer. His father went by Charles. Hopefully this will not be too confusing.

Joseph Meyer was born on 28 September 1867 in Minster, Auglaize County, Ohio. His parents were Charles (1840-1904) and Mary Katherine Wehrman Meyer (1847-1916). Charles and Mary were married on 16 October 1866 in Auglaize County and had 9 children with Joseph being the oldest. Their children were Joseph, Herman (1869-1869), Henry (1870-1904), Mary Catherine (1872-1879), Augustine (1875-1879), Bernard (1877-1957), Anton (1880-1942), Mary Bernadine (1882-1911), and an infant (born & died 24 February 1884). As you can see, several of Joseph's siblings died early on. Herman was about 3 months old when he died. Mary Catherine was almost 7 years old and died just 2 weeks before her brother Augustine who was 4 years old.

In 1870, Joseph is living with his parents between Ft. Loramie and Egypt. He is 2 years old, his father is a farmer and his mother is keeping house. There is another person living in this house that I haven't been able to figure out so far. She is listed as Little Magdaleen, age 15, and is a servant girl. There is no last name listed for her in the census which makes it even more difficult to figure out who she is.

In the 1880 census Joseph is listed with his siblings Henry (age 9), Bernard (age 3) and Anton (age 5 months). Joseph and Henry are attending school near Egypt, Ohio, and their father is still farming. Joseph worked on the family farm until he was 19 years old at which time he began learning the carpentry trade. At about 21 he decided to go to Cincinnati to find work but returned home about a year later and continued his training in carpentry.

On 1 May 1894, Joseph married Rosa Bruns in Auglaize County. The couple settled on South Ohio Street in Minster where he set up his profession and became a well respected carpenter in the village. In 1900 the family consisted of Joseph, his wife Rosa, and their sons Herman and Charles (twins) and daughter Emma. By 1910, Joseph and Rosa had had 8 children, 7 of whom were still living. They were Herman (1896-1966), Charles (1896-1914), Emma Katherine (1898-1953), Elisabeth Estella Elinore "Stella" (1900-1984), Loretta Bernadina (1903-1991), Hilda Ann (1905-1905), Alfred Clarence (1906-1973), and Raymond Anthony (1909-1988). Two more children were born over the next four years. They were Joseph (1912-1914) and Edward Bernard (1914-1977), making a total of 10 children.

The year 1914 was not a good year for the family. First, in January, their son Charles died at age 17 years 5 months. Next, their son Joseph passed in April at the age of 2 years. Then Joseph, the subject of this story, died in September, less than 2 months before his last son, Edward was born in November of 1914.

On Thursday, 17 September 1914, Joseph returned home from his carpentry work and complained of not feeling well. He went to his room and forced himself to lay down. He was not able to leave that room alive again. At 7:15 pm on Tuesday, 22 September, Joseph died of acute polymyosistis (muscle infection) with chronic nephritis (kidney disease) as a contributor to his death. Joseph's funeral was held at 8:30 am, Friday, 25 September, at  St. Augustines Church in Minster. His burial followed in the church cemetery.

After his death, his wife Rosa continued living in the home at 164 South Ohio Street in Minster until her death. Their son Herman lived at home and helped care for the children and his mother until his marriage in 1931. Rosa died in 1951 at the age of 74. She was seated in a chair on the front porch of her home and died of a sudden heart attack. She is also buried in St. Augustines Cemetery, in Minster.

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  1. How very sad, this story is! I really feel for Rosa, with so many losses in her life.