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Bernard Leugers (1845-1935) "52 Ancestors"

Hi there, can you believe this is week 17 of the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge? I guess I can believe that but I can't believe that I am still on schedule with my posts. Actually, I am falling behind and will continue to fall behind until we get this move finished. I will have to keep finding times between the packing, cleaning and getting ready where I can get a story in.

This week I decided to try what I thought would be an easy story. That means I am back on my relatives and will be writing about another farmer from Ohio. I decided to work on my great-great-grand uncle, Bernard Leugers. Bernard was born on 15 July 1845 in St. Rose, Mercer County, Ohio. His parents were George Bernard Leugers (1809-1880) and Maria Katherina Herkenhoff (1809-1881).

The 1850 census for Marion Township, Mercer County, Ohio lists George (age 41) and his wife Catherine (age 41) with their children Henry (age 11), George (age 9), Catherine (age 7), Bernard (age 5), and Sophia (age 3).  George is a farmer. He and his wife were both born in Germany and George had immigrated to the United States, arriving in Baltimore in 1835. He was granted his citizenship on 15 May 1854.

The 1870 census lists Bernard (age 23) as living at and working on his father's farm. His father George (age 60) has a property value of $3,000 and personal value of $500. His mother Catherine (age 60) is also living at the home.

Bernard was married three times. His first wife was Caroline Ording (1849-1880). He had five children by this marriage; Catherina (1872-1880), George Henry (1873-1965), John Henry (1876-1966), Mary Agnes (1878-1973), and August (1880-1880). The years 1880-1881 were not good years for the Leugers family. The 1880 census has Bernard (age 35), a widower, living with his parents George (age 71) and Catherina (age 71), with his children Catharina (age 7), George (age 6), Henry (age 5), Mary (age 2) and August (age 6 months). They are living on a farm in Marion Township, Mercer County, Ohio. August Leugers was born 2 January 1880 and died on 27 May 1880. Caroline, the mother died on 4 January 1880, just two days after August's birth. Bernard's father George died on 14 August 1880. Catherina, a daughter, died on 29 December 1880. His mother died the next year on 28 November 1881.

Soon afterward Bernard married his second wife, Catherine Laux. They had six children by this marriage; Catherine (1881-1949), Bernard Joseph (1883-1958), John B (1885-1974), Gerhard Edward (1886-1932), Gerhard Henry (1887-1932), and Herman H (1889-1983). Actually, there may only be five children. I am pretty sure, based on census records that Gerhard Edward and Gerhard Henry are the same person but I have not been able to determine if he should be Gerhard Edward or Gerhard Henry. I have a birth record for Gerhard Henry that has a birth date of 22 August 1887. Gerhard Edward lists his birth date as 22 August 1886 on his WW I Draft Registration. Gerhard Edward's death date is either 3 September 1932 (based on death certificate) or 1 September 1932 (based on his obituary). His burial date was listed as 3 September 1932. I guess more work needs to be done on this set of children. Bernard's wife Catherine died on 21 July 1890, leaving Bernard to care for the children.

By the 1900 census Bernard had again remarried. This wife was Elizabeth Sturwold (1853-1925) and they had been married for one year. Elizabeth emmigrated from Germany around 1870. It appears that this was also Elizabeth's third marriage. She had previously been married to John Clemens Heckman (1831-1885), a German immigrant and farmer in Auglaize County, Ohio. Elizabeth and John had at least one child, Elizabeth (1882-1959), before John died. There is another child, Anton Eyink (1887-??), who is listed as a step-son for Bernard and Elizabeth in the 1900 census. This leads me to believe that Elizabeth may have been married to an Eyink between her marriages to John Heckman and Bernard Leugers but that would require me to look in the 1890 census. Oh yeah, that one doesn't exist anymore. Elizabeth is listed as having four children with three living in the 1900 census. So, I am missing two children for her at this point.

The 1900 census lists the family as Bernard (age 54) and Elizabeth (age 43), John H (age 24), John B (age 17), Gerhard (age 13), Herman (age 10), and Anton Eyink (age 13). The family is living on a farm in Marion Township, Mercer County, Ohio.

I have not yet found the 1910 or 1920 census for Bernard's family.

During the 1930 census Bernard (age 84) is living with his son John's family at 521 West Wayne, Celina, Mercer, Ohio. The family consisted of John (age 45), his wife Mary (age 48), children Hilda (age 16), Ludwina (age 15), Agatha (age 14), Othmar (age 11), and Marcella (age 9). Additionally, Mary's sister Eleanor Uhlenhake (age 37) is living in the house. John and Eleanor both are working at the furniture factory. John is a packer while Eleanor is a finisher.

Bernard died in Celina, Ohio on 20 May 1935 from a cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 89 years, 10 months, and 5 days. He was buried in St. Rose on 23 May 1935. He had lived most of his life in St. Rose, Mercer County, Ohio except for the last few years when he was living with his son, John in Celina.

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