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Joseph Rieger (1832-1916)

Hello again, I think I have everything working on my computer now, but just in case I have purchased a back up hard drive. Never know when your hard drive will crash leaving you nothing from all your years of research. This story is about Joseph Rieger, my 2nd great grand uncle. He was the husband of Margaretha Weise, the daughter of Justice Weise in the previous story.

Emigrants Building, Bremerhaven, built 1849
Joseph Reiger was born on 21 October 1832 in Wurtenburg, Germany, the son of Joseph (b. ~1797) and Magdelena Marianne Hauver Reiger (b. ~1799). He immigrated to the United States aboard the ship Bremerhaven, arriving at Castle garden, New York on 7 September 1853. The family consisted of Joseph (age 20), his parents Joseph (age 56) and Marianne (age 54), and his siblings Veronica (age 26), Theresia (age 24) and Victor (age 16). The departed from Bremen and were bound for Pittsburgh. Joseph Sr., Joseph  Jr. and Victor were listed as farmers. The family settled in Lancaster, New York then moved on to Dayton Ohio and Greenville, Ohio.

In the 1860 US Census the family is living in McLean Township, Shelby County, Ohio. Joseph Jr. married Margaretha Weise in 1857. By 1860 they had three children born. The children were Louisa (b. ~1857), Joseph (1858-1859), and August (1859-1927). One child, Joseph, had died before the 1860 census. At this time Joseph is a shoemaker by occupation. He had opened his shoe store in 1857.

The 1870 US Census lists the families residence as Berlin (Loramie), McLean Township, Shelby County, Ohio. The family consisted of Joseph (age 37), Margaret (age 34), and their children Elizabeth (age 12), August (age 11), Margaret (age 10), Catherine (age 8), Cecilia (age 7), Caroline (age 5), Mary (age 3), and Joseph (age 1). Joseph owns $2,000 in real estate and has a personal value of $200. He is working as a shoe maker at this time. The family had 2 more children, Anna and William before Margaret dies on 3 May 1872 at the age of 36. In 1873 Joseph married Mary Swartz (1843-1934). A total of 12 children were born to this marriage.

Joseph Rieger, seated on left
The family had grown considerably by the 1880 US Census. They are living in Berlin (Loramie), McLean Township, Shelby County, Ohio. Joseph had changed occupations and is now listed as a saloon keeper. The family consisted of Joseph (age 47), his second wife Maria (age 36), his children from his first marriage Vatherina (age 18), Cecilia (age 17), Caroline (age 16), Mary (age 14), August (age 20), Joseph (age 10), William (age 9), and Anna (age 9), and his children from the second marriage Fransiska (age 6), Rosa (age 4), Peter (age 2) and John (age 6 months). The oldest son, August, is employed as a teamster, probably with the Wise Sawmill.

The 1900 census lists Joseph as a shoemaker again. His son August is now listed as a saloon keeper. I wonder if his son took over the job during this time. Joseph (age 67), his wife Maria (age 58),  and one daughter, Rosa (age 24), are living in the house. Maria states that she had seven children with only three still alive at the time of this census. I currently only have six children listed for Maria and Joseph's obituary only lists six children as well. They were Maria Fransisca (1874-1965), Elizabeth Rosa (1876-1906), Peter Michael (1877-1928), John F (1879-1880), John Jacob (1881-1883), and Emelia (1883-1896).

In 1910, Joseph is listed as a retired shoe dealer. He is 77 years old and his wife Maria is 65 years old. She states that she had seven children and only two remain alive at this time. The two living children would be Maria and Peter. During his life, Joseph had served as Township trustee and treasurer.

Joseph & Mary Rieger, St. Michaels Cemetery
On 2 June 1916 Joseph died. He was 83 years, 7 months, and 12 days old at the time of his death. He had been under the doctors care since 5 January for ailments including asthma and chronic nephritis. The cause of death was a cerebral hemmorhage resulting in a paralytic stroke on May 31. He died two days later. He is buried with his second wife, Mary (Maria), in St. Michaels Cemetery, Ft. Loramie, Shelby County, Ohio.

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