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Reverend Thomas Pullen (1752-1828)

I am going back a few years for this story. The Reverend Thomas Pullen is my wife's 6th great-grandfather. He is the furthest back that we have currently researched on this line. this line is confusing since there are several documents that contradict each other and many people have combined this Thomas Pullen with another Thomas Pullen who was born in Virginia in 1761. Also, due to the lack of documentation, many of the dates given are approximate.

Thomas Pullen was born 21 November 1752 in Scotland. The immigration records indicate that he came to the American Colonies through Philadelphia in 1774. It is believed that he settled in Virginia. Based on DAR records (#A092089), Thomas served in the American Revolution. I haven't found the documents to back this up yet but he was awarded land grants in several land lotteries for war veterans. About 1777, Thomas married Lydia Bowers (1761-1824) and settled in Laurens County, Georgia where he established the settlement of Pullen's Hill. Thomas and Lydia had six children that we know of. They were Phereby (~1780-~1824), Henry (b. ~1782), Margaret (~1784-1826), Thomas (~1786-833), Mary (b. ~1787) and Moses (~1788-1868). Thomas remarried after the death of Lydia. His second wife's last name was Linder, but I have no more information than that.

Thomas was a devout Methodist preacher and preached at several churches in the area. He was also a planter. In 1792, he received a land grant of 362 acres in Washington County, Georgia. In 1795, he acquired an additional 300 acres. He registered for the 1805 and 1827 land lotteries but I don't know if he received any land from these. In 1817, he sold 118 acres in Laurens County (previously part of Washington County). He sold an additional 300 acres in Laurens County to John Arline, his son-in-law, in 1819. In 1820, he sold 20 acres to Joseph Joyner. Thomas acquired additional land in Muscogee County, Georgia from the 1827 Land Lottery.

Thomas died on 6 February 1828 in Pullen's Hill, Laurens County, Georgia at the age of 75. His will can be found in the Laurens County Georgia Will Book A, 1809-1840, pages 93-95 and reads as follows:

"The Will of THOMAS PULLEM, Senior
Written December 30, 1824 and recorded March 21, 1828

In the name of God Amen. I THOMAS PULLEN of the County of Laurens and State of Georgia in reasonable health and sound mind and memory, knowing that it is appointed to all men once to die and wishing to point out the order and manner for the distribution of what property it has pleased GOD to bless me with, do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament. First I wish all my just debts, if I should have any unpaid at my death, paid out of the sale of property hereafter named.

Item, I give to my son HENRY PULLEN my large family Bible.

Item, I give to my son THOMAS PULLEN four hundred Acres of land more or less, it being the plantation where I now reside. Also one Negro man named Jack and one volume of Cokes Commentary.

Item, I give to my son MOSES PULLEN two hundred Acres of land now in his possession, also one Negro man named John and also all my guns and one small Bible and one volume of Cokes Commentary.

Item, I give unto the heirs of JOHN ARLINE one hundred and fifty dollars to be raised out of the sale of property hereafter appropriated.

Item, I give unto my daughter MARGARET MASON one Negro man named Jacky, commonly called Jonas.

Item, I give unto my daughter MARY PULLEN one hundred and forty four Acres of land on Big Creek bounded by Charles Morrman and Simeon Ellington’s land. Also one Negro woman named Amy and young Sorrell Mare called Pok and six cows and calves and one bed she is making with the furniture thereto belonging and one other bed she is making and her trunk and ten pair of geese and one stock of bees.

Item, The balance of my books, not heretofore disposed of, I wish to be equally divided between my daughters PHEREBY WILLIAMS, MARGARET MASON and MARY PULLEN.

Item, I give unto my stepson LEWIS LINDER one Negro man named Serus and one Negro woman named Hannah.

Item, I give unto my stepson GEORGE LINDER one Negro man Serus, commonly called Jim.

Item, I give unto my stepsons LEWIS and GEORGE LINDER all the property not herein mentioned that belonged to their Mother at the time of our intermarriage. My wish and desire is that the balance of my property not specially disposed of be sold in order to pay my just debts and the cash legacy and what remains to be equally divided between my sons THOMAS PULLEN, HENRY PULLEN, MOSES PULLEN and my daughters MARGARET MASON, and MARY PULLEN and to the heirs of JOHN ARLINE one sixth part to each. My desire is that this wish may be carried into effect as soon after my death as it can be done with convenience and propriety at the discretion of my executor hereafter to be named and I do hereby appoint HENRY PULLEN and GEORGE LINDER my executors to this my last will and testament hereby revoking all wills heretofore made by me do declare this my Last Will and Testament. In witness where of I have hereto set my hand and seal this 30th of Dec. 1824. THOMAS PULLEN  (seal)

Executed in Presents of James Mason, Lewis G. Linder, Thomas Vickers, David R. Maddux, and David Mason.

Georgia, Laurens County, Court of Ordinary, March term 1828. James Mason, Lewis G. Linder and David R. Maddux being duly sworn deposed and saith that they were present and did see THOMAS PULLEN the Testator named in the foregoing will sign, seal, publish and acknowledge the same to be his last will and testament and that they did also see Thomas Vickers and David Mason sign their names together with themselves as witnesses thereto and that he was of sound mind and memory at he time of so doing. Sworn to in open Court, Signed-David R. Maddux; James Mason; Lewis Linder (Attest)

Thomas Moore, Clerk"

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  1. Hi Miles, Thank you so so very much for posting this information. I have been doing family history for years, but just this year started working on tracing my 5th greats and back. Seems we can get stuck in a loop of working on the family names that we are more familiar with, which has been the case with me to a certain degree.
    Rev. Thomas Pullen was my 6th great grandfather and I thank you so very much for posting this information.
    I have just run into a problem and hope that you are able to help me.
    Ref: Mary Arline (1806-1855) who married Lot / Lott Walker (1802-1880)
    I have come across several records that have this Lot Walker married to Mary Walters.
    Now, this Mary Walters is also a distant cousin of mine.
    Mary Arline was my 4th great-great aunt.

    So, some online records have Mary Arline married to Lott Walker. Other records have Mary Walters married to Lott Walker.

    Viewing your research, which is wonderful, I tend to trust you, but thought you might confirm with some record/document so we can get this straight.

    Once again, this page is so special to me.
    I would like to copy it into my family files and give your name and address as researcher. Would that be OK with you? I do publish my files on line.

    Thank you Miles. Susan